Hi, my name is Quentin Gallea

I am a freelance statistical consultant and PhD candidate in economics.

I regularly teach statistics to lab directors in in-vivo research in Switzerland (LTK). And over the last seven years I have taught to more than seven thousands graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Lausanne (Statistics I & II, Statistics and Econometrics II, Microeconometrics, Empirical Research and Empirical Method).

As a PhD in Political economics, my focus is on conflict and trade with a strong emphasis on causal effect identification using multiple statistical tools: Instrumental variables, Natural experiment with Diff-in-diff, Social and Economic Network, etc.

On the other hand, for my consulting service, I tend to work on biostatistics projects.

YouTube channel

Are you strugling to understand what’s beyond the math in statistics? Do you sometimes feel limitated in your scientific research or in your literature review because of the statistical part? Or do you simply want to better understand the world we live in, from political campaigns to health risks?

Well, this channel aims at helping you understand key concepts in statistics that are discussed and used in the scientific literature with little to no math.

To do so, we are going to talk about causality, multiple type and sources of bias, limitations and misbelief of popular concepts using concrete examples and discussing key literature articles.

Inferential statistics and causality are an absolute passion for me as well as teaching. I deeply wanted to share the results of hours of discussions with academics, scientific research, paper reading, consulting and teaching with you.

Start by watching the video discussing the core of the challenge in statistics and discover at the same time the content of this channel.

YouTube channel

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